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change of plea. the teen charged with manslaughter in the death of a father and daughter in concord pleads guilty. this morning, we're hearing from the victims' family. and extra steps to protect students after a man grabs a girl in a student bathroom. and west nile virus in the city. how san francisco health officials are responding to the first human case of the virus. right now, a live look outside over foster city. christina loren will be along to tell you about a very warm forecast that is coming up. you are watching nbc bay area. good morning. thanks for being with us.
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i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. this just in to the newsroom, a surprising change of course for the concord teen charged in the crash that killed a father and daughter. >> we have jodi hernandez who got out of the courtroom. >> reporter: the teenager struck and killed the father and daughter along the sidewalk last april. changed his plea to guilty. the victims' family walked out of the courtroom in tears after hearing the teenager admit for the first time that he was driving 72 miles in hour in a 45-mile-an-hour zone hitting and killing the man and his 5-year-old daughter. the teenager pleaded guilty this morning to two counts of manslaughter with gross negligence and one count of
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reckless driving. his attorney told the court he has written numerous apology letters that the attorney has been holding on to. the teenager tried to get up and apologize in the courtroom, but the family stopped him. the family wasn't prepared emotionally to hear that apology today. >> we understand that that's a good thing that he has realized what's done, but it rings a bit hollow to us because she is now without her husband and without her daughter and now with this date, he is now apologizing. i can't help but think it is because he feels that will benefit him. >> and i know everybody out there is a parent and they feel my pain without saying anything to me. everybody is a parent.
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everybody is a wife. everybody is a sister. everybody is a brother. put yourself in my shoes. >> he did want to apologize today. the family's attorney didn't wouldn't that. we'll get our turn. we will get our opportunity. he wants to express his remorse. >> reporter: the teenager's attorney says he has been in therapy trying to deal with what he has done. his parents left court without comment. th their son was immediately taken into custody. he will be sentenced next month. he faces seven years and eight months behind bars. because he is a juvenile, he can only be held until he is 21. reporting live, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. with a goal of better protecting children, some safety measures at a san mateo school after a man tried to kidnap a
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girl on campus. parents finishing up a meeting with the school administration. we have bob redell with more on what they are doing to keep the kids safe. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. the meeting finished not too long ago. the deputy chief of police from san mateo and the school district and 150 parents and the mother and father of the girl who was abducted from the san mateo school this past friday afternoon. that girl, by the way, went back to school on monday. according to the district, she is doing great and was cheerful. her parents are still upset. they made their feelings known in the closed-door meeting this morning. this was a time for them and other parents of other students to come here ask questions and make suggestions on how to make the school safer. >> why is there a fence in the back? why is there an opening there?
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in case of a lockdown? how did he get on campus? >> reporter: the school has called out a fencing company for an estimate. some issues the lady talked about is the fencing. you can see a fence gate that is left open. they are in the process of getting this shut. they had to add another gate. they are trying to close all of the entry points. the fences are short. they have to deal with down the road. to make it taller to avoid others getting on campus. it is a one way in and one way out policy on the school. parents are no longer allowed to wait on campus. they must wait outside. some parents said they waited for hours to be notified by school on friday. the school wanted to make sure the information was accurate. police arrested bradley marosak
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here on friday. 25-year-old man followed the girl in the bathroom and groped her and dragged her to a house. she escaped by kicking him and throwing rocks at him. the district attorney tells us earlier in the day, a school secretary at horrell elementary escorted him off campus because he was acting suspicious. he travelled to bayside and asked a middle school student if she was a virgin. he was charged in court yesterday. he is expected to enter a plea to two felony charges and six misdemeanors next week. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. a san jose chef is in the hospital after getting attacked during a short break from work. police say they were called to las privatize palapas restaurant after 11:00 last night.
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the chef was found on the ground with head injuries. he was taking a break when he was jumped. >> the reports were that several males in the area were early in the investigation and trying to determine if there were suspects. >> police say they are interviewing witnesses and hope the information will lead to an arre arrest. they also say they are not sure if it is gang-related. a hunt is on for armed suspects who pulled the trigger on interstate 580 at stonebridge and center street. it was shutdown for more than an hour while officers pursued the suspects. suspects in a ford taurus got out and ran away. it is unclear if any of the suspects was injured. health officials are reporting the first human case
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of west nile virus. the san francisco man is recovering at home after he developed encephalitis. the health department says this is rare and can develop in the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. no way to tell if the man was bitten in the san francisco area or another county. one dead bird tested positive for the virus which shows it is present in the city. >> we sent out a health alert to the physicians of san francisco that west nile virus is here. this is the season. we had a case in san francisco. be on the lookout for somebody with symptoms of confusion. ask about where they have been. >> west nile virus is most often transmitted to people through animals through a mosquito bite. only one in five develop an illness. symptoms include fever and muscle aches. there have about 165 cases in california and six people have
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died. we will show you b.a.r.t. that released video of an explosion at the civic station earlier this month. watch the top left of the screen. a flash and people falling backward along with the cloud of smoke. we will play this one more time. you can see what looks to be an arc of electricity or something on the right. b.a.r.t. says the september 16th explosion was caused by metal debris beneath a train. they don't know what the debris was. it looked like it disintegrated. it caused about $600 of damage. nurses will picket at rallies at two of the south bay busiest hospitals at 1:00 this afternoon at good samaritan hospital and regional medical center in san jose. nurses are in the middle of contract negotiations. contracts expire on sunday. angry shoppers of the pueblo
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are set to march to stop the supermarket chain of using a federal program that checks the immigration status of workers. protesters say the voluntary federal program called e-verify unfairly targets latinos. they plan to rally at 4:00 this afternoon and then march to the pueblo store on story and king roads. they vow to boycott the stores if the owner does not change his mind. the program only affects new hires. wells fargo is announcing the web site is up and working after hackers hit the web site. a group claiming to be affiliated with islam said they took it down. the attacks will continue until the anti-muslim video insulting
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prophet muhammad is taken down. it looks like things are back to normal on the site. still ahead, tough time force an east bay food. why supplies are running low. and fire and tear gas on the streets of greece. why spending cuts are triggering the massive riots. tesla publishing a long list of problems. we will look through it coming up. temperatures are not bad. temperatures are in the 60s. triple digit heat on the way and rain showers on the same seven-day forecast. we will time it out for you coming up. and giving you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks nice and empty there. a good time to make your way to san francisco. it is 11:11 now. stay with us.
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it was a wild scene as an estimated 50,000 protesters
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marched through the streets of athens angry over the austerity measures. this is video from this morning of protesters throwing molotov cocktails at police. you see the demonstrations closed schools and canceled flights. the country's prime minister and finance ministers are hammering out a $15 billion package of spending cuts. greece's next bailout payment is hinging on the government's agreement of further spending cuts. tesla's shares are hanging on a day after the stock fell. scott mcgrew, there are a lot of challenges ahead for the east bay carmaker. >> tesla filed this with the sec. it is a list of problems that may be ahead. do understand that financial statements are gloomy because
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the company has to say we warned you about this or that. there is a line on page 11 saying because the company stores batteries for use in cars and factories, there is a chance the factory could burn down. they have to warn about everything. if you drill down into the language, there are interesting facts. 1,000 people have canceled their model s orders and the company warns problems obtaining parts means not only will production slow, but they have to change the design to compensate. also, the epa changed the way the electric carmakers are supposed to measure mileage, but tesla hasn't run the model s through the tests. it is concerned the tests will reveal the s will not go as far as first advertised under the old standards. documents say tesla has renegotiated loans with the department of energy and may have to make further changes to
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the loans if the d.o.e. will allow it. back to you. scott, thank you. alameda county says the food bank is running slow. inventory is down 50%. the food bank says typically it has as many as 1 million pounds of food on hand during this time of year. so far, their supply is less than 600,000 pounds and dropping. the food bank's director says they need all the help they can get. >> evngaging in food drives. it is important also to let your legislator know you do not want supplemental nutrition programs to be cut. >> food bank representatives say food drive donations have nearly run out. at this point, they hope the cooler weather and upcoming holidays will inspire people to be generous. we are not in store for the
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cooldown. >> a turn up of temperatures. >> let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. we have a really interesting and very dramatically different beginning to your seven-day forecast versus the end. what we're expecting the next few days is a warm up on the way. the brunt of the warm up will take place between friday and sunday. today is not too bad. tomorrow is a touch warmer. it starts to get hotter for the weekend. 68 degrees to start you out. i want to zoom into the east bay. temperatures at 66 in pleasanton. 65 in walnut creek. we took it to the visible satellite. fairfield to concord, sunshine. everywhere else has cloudy conditions. as we head through the next couple of hours, the sun will break through. a warm and hot day like l
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los gatos. 76 today in san francisco. the giants are back at it. they are the n.l. west champs. that may be why they lost the last two games. they are taking on the diamondbacks. it will be foggy out there. not a lot of wind. 56 degrees as you head to the game. bring your coat. as we head through tomorrow, high pressure really starts to move in. this guy will turn our winds offshore. we will warm up and dry out along the way. we are talking about the potential for elevated fire danger as we head through friday and saturday and sunday. that means you will get great beach conditions with the marine layer in the pacific. you will see it lurking offshore with sunshine over the peninsula. 94 degrees by thursday. here is the jump up to 98 degrees. the showers on the way toward the end of next week. it looks like late wednesday into thursday. the north bay will get
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something. i'm saying 30% to 40% chance of that now. pretty significant and very different from the seven-day forecast. back to you guys. thank you, christina. singer and tv host andy williams has died. his says he passed away at his home in branson, missouri yesterday. the 84-year-old crooner was best known for "moonriver." he had been in show business for 75 years. he is survived by his wife debbie and their three children. williams announced he had bladder cancer next year. our partners at comcast reporting that melky will be left off the playoff roster. he was suspended 50 games after testing positive for a performan performance enhancing drug this
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year. good news, california state parks will stay open for two more years. governor jerry brown signed a bill to put a two-year moratorium on park closures. they will be funded with a $30 million state surplus which was deliberately concealed by the parks department until recently. it provides more money to the park and recreation commission trying to keep a tighter hold on the department. the author of the "harry potter" series has a new book out. and how much are you spending on tricks and treats this year? a survey shows halloween could get more spooky and expensive. >> to join our conversation, join us on nbc bay area on facebook. lots of prepaid cards
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welcome back. i can tell you a lot of book fans will be happy about this one. j.k. rowling will have a new book on store shelves on thursday. 2 million copies is not a lot for the final "harry potter" novel. it sold 5 million copies in ten days in the u.s. rowling kept the plot of the book under wraps, but described it as a rural comedy of manor that has taken on the state of the social themes and builds it into a black melodrama. the first six months of the year, airlines collected $1.7
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billion in baggage fees. that is the most ever in a six-month period. delta collected $430 million. airlines collected an additional $1.3 billion in fees for cancellations and flight changes during the first six months of the year. people are paying more for their ghouls and goblins this year. the survey from the retail federation shows seven in ten will spend almost $80 on halloween supplies. up more than $7 from last year. halloween is the eighth biggest season with $8 billion in sales this year. >> i love the time of year with the kids in costumes. >> what about the big kids? >> you were great. >> i was adrian from "rocky." still ahead, a hotel with some, let's just say, fowl guests. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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finally, we all know when you are on vacation, you put your dog in a kennel. the question is what do you do with your chicken? >> leave them at home. the hotel in england has the answer. the fowlty towers is the place for chickens. the owner decided to turn the area into a business. >> collecting the eggs is great. i hold the eggs when the people are going away. nine times out of ten they have too many. i end up giving them to local people. >> she says she takes care of hens and treats them like her own girls. she feeds them fresh veggies and takes them on walks. >> they takes them for walks? life is different in england. >> thank you for joining us. see you at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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